Senior Editor

Senior Editor

Location: New York Studio

Velem seeks a Senior Editor for our NYC office. Rather than just take direction, the Senior Editor will be tasked with developing creative treatments and concepts for projects both pre and post shoot in tandem with our clients. A history of high level work with leading brands, agencies, and directors is expected, as is a demonstrated strong creative point of view.

Essentially we are looking for a well rounded artist who has a broad appreciation of the media landscape including music, design, film, photography, and fashion. The position calls for an artist who works well in a supervised session, but is also adept at honing in on a client's thoughts when working remotely.

Technical requirements include a thorough understanding of common NLEs and graphics applications (Adobe Creative Suite including Premiere, After Effects, and Photoshop). It will be expected that you can fix normal workflow hiccups without requiring IT support (i.e. restarting a frozen machine etc), and also understand the difference between codecs and compressions (H264 vs a ProRes), as well as color space (sRGB vs Rec709).

Beyond those requirements, ProTools or Ableton is a strong plus but not required. Similarly, experience with color correction (DaVinci Resolve) is also a huge plus.

Please send portfolio and resume to